To deny that humans have worth is to deny the very God who has likened us in His image, for God is the one that gives us worth through his all-worthiness. But we can sinfully desire worth, sometimes in the form of likes on Instagram or compliments on our outfits. Other times we self-assign our worth based on characteristics we have, such as hard-work, money, or even fruits of the Spirit we may exhibit. Yet we must remember that our worth does not come from these things, but from God Himself. Because God loved us enough to send His son to be born as a human, only to die for our sins that we may be reconciled to God, we have innate worth given to us by God. Worth enough to die for.

So “Do I matter? Am I seen?” Yes you do, yes you are. But not because of what others say, or what you say, but because of what God has done.

When the Soul Feels its Worth

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