Reblog 6/2/2021

What Jesus Does Not Pray

“We can have no confidence that we will be kept from sorrows, but every confidence that we will be kept from Satan. We can have no confidence we will be preserved from falling into times of persecution, but every confidence we will be kept from falling into the evil hands of the one who, for now, is the prince of this world.”

Delicious Despair

“We don’t really know suffering until we suffer. When life falls on us, the notes we took before suffering must be worked out in practical application. Who is God? What truth does His word communicate? How are His promises practical? Grieving takes what we learn in the classroom of suffering and puts it to the test in the lab of reality.”

What Good Are Forgotten Memories?

“We may struggle to recall every report, but the reality of his faithfulness is there- like a word we know but have a hard time putting into a definition. The steady web created through years of faithfulness leads us to see our Lord as one we have known.

What If I’m Not the Best at Anything?

“Maybe the point of strengths is not to be better than everyone else, but to use them to make things better for everyone else.”

A Tale of Two Poohs

“Nostalgia and comfort may lead us to avoid change, but we can’t force the rest of the world to see things the way we do and to do the things that we do. They are moving on and God is doing new things.”

Please, Talk to the New Person

“…I pushed back against the self-pity and told myself that I was going to remember how this moment felt. I know that I’m not always going to be new. So from now on, I’m going to make a more conscious effort to look for the new person, the standing-alone person. “

The Most Important Decision You’re Probably Not Thinking About

Going to IBC that Sunday was probably a more important decision than I realized.

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