Reblog 5/26/2021

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The Ministry of Sorrow

““Give me riches and I’ll give them back to you,” they pray. “Give me the gift of prayer and I’ll spend my life in intercession. Let me serve like Dorcas, bless like Barnabas, lead like Paul, preach like Stephen. But suffering—I’ll give that to someone else.””

How to Stay When the World Says Leave

“Namely, are those who leave church and lose their faith more susceptible to bad habits and decisions? Or does practicing bad habits and making bad decisions leave one more susceptible to losing one’s faith?”

Grace as Deep as the Sea

“To my right, standing in the water, is a father scolding his son. I see the boy. His face shows the obvious signs of a syndrome. Sometimes disability is invisible. Sometimes it marks us cruelly and hard. The father is bent over inches from his son’s contorted face.”

The Wilderness Way

“Why do we connect blessing with an easy life? How much of our lives are spent battling for a sweet spot that doesn’t exist? Like Jacob, we wrestle with God for His blessing, trying to force Him to bend to our will, when the dreams we cling to are poor and pitiful compared to the richness and glory of His.”

Preaching from the Pit

“It is not as if the Bible is incomprehensible without specific experiences, but when we are hurting, those same truths we glossed over in pleasant times flow over us as a balm of comfort in times of need.”

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