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Reblog 10/20/21

On Being a Normal Horse “It is not that the humble man is full of self-loathing, he simply forgets himself.” The Hidden Harm of Gender Transition Thank You, God, That I Am Not Like Other Men Why the NLT is Good, Actually Growing up on the NLT, I feel a little vindicated by this article.Continue reading “Reblog 10/20/21”

Thank You

Though this isn’t the end of the blog, I have officially run out of writing material and would instead like to take the time to thank you, the reader, for the encouragement I have been receiving lately. I am truly grateful that you take the time to read it, and though I may be awkwardContinue reading “Thank You”

Reblog 10/13/21

It Has To Be Dark Before We Can See For Better, For Worse… Overthinking Imagine Dragons: A Parenting Story Reckoning with Tech Hope Has Been Cut Off Warning: Mature content.

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