Words and Meditations

‘Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord , my rock and my redeemer.’ – Psalm 19:14

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Now, not yet.

Some sinful tendencies do not go away immediately, no matter how hard we pursue personal holiness and pray for God to intercede. Confession and repentance of sin help, but can’t completely eradicate the darkness inside of us on this side of heaven. One of these tendencies for me is impatience. Just the other day IContinue reading “Now, not yet.”

Reblog 6/9/2021

The Wait of the World “I have been waiting fifteen years for someone to come and tell me how to be a Christian.” When Trust Isn’t Broken “His encouragement to be a good citizen, to work hard, to be respectful, to laugh once in a while, and to play music with emotion are qualities heContinue reading “Reblog 6/9/2021”

I’ll miss you guys.

I am not good at showing my close friends that I love them. Part of it is different love languages; some people may appreciate words of affirmation, but I instead appreciate acts of service. However, sometimes we are ungodly and selfish, failing to show others the love Christ has shown us, even though we doContinue reading “I’ll miss you guys.”

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